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By April 24, 2015 No Comments

We had noticed Fuel wasn’t eating well and not being very active. He had thrown up a sock the next morning, so we gave it another day thinking he would then get better. When Fuel was not acting any better we decided we better get him to the doctor. After some x-rays and opting for surgery we found out Fuel had eaten a piece of a bath towel that had gotten caught inside his intestines. Dr. Chand and Staff had to remove over 4 feet of Fuel’s intestines in order to save his life. Since the bath towel was lodged inside his intestines and there was no movement, his intestines were dying off. It was a scary first couple of days post-surgery. Fuel is now doing great! We have to watch Fuel carefully as if he does this again, it would end his life since he only has very few intestines left. We want to thank Dr. Chand and all his staff for doing such a tremendous job in taking care of furry family member!