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Henry XVIII is an 11 year old Domestic medium haired neutered male feline that was being treated for constipation for the last few years. Every couple of months he was having to go through a painful procedure of manual de-obstipation. After he was almost resistant to medical management, Henry’s owner, Ms. Regina W. felt her only option to keep Henry from suffering was to put him to sleep. Dr. Chand was not ready to give up on Henry and recommended trying sub-total colectomy. After Henry had not eaten for 6 days, his owner agreed and Dr. Chand preformed the sub-total colectomy successfully. But Henry was not out of the woods yet. He was given a blood transfusion after the surgery which we have the local ER clinic (CARE) to thank for helping us by providing the transfusion filter in time. And then every day with intense hospitalization and treatments, Henry got better and was able to go home where he is now living a healthy, constipation-free life!