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Dear Dr Chand, 
I wanted to thank you for your kindness while care for Snickers. I believe he lived an extra few years because of you. I think others would have given up on him sooner, but you didn’t and that means so much to me. Snickers came to you an elderly dog but when I brought him home he weighed only 1lb, 1oz. I wish you had known him when he was young and healthy; he was sweet, adorable, and feisty. People would just squeal with delight upon seeing him. One funny story is I use to take him to my boys’ soccer games and one time I dropped his leash and off he went. He went straight on to the field chasing and running with the boys! He really was such a character. The day he died, he literally ate chicken with me for two hours before passing. I was with him and he didn’t seem to suffer. We laid him to rest in our back yard under some beautiful pine trees. Snickers’ was my very first dog. He enriched my file so much! Thank you again for your care of my little guy and for always understanding how much I loved him. 
Sincerely, Tina Young,Aka Snickers’ Mom