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The Benefits of Pets

When you wake up in the morning and there’s a cat on your pillow, purring contentedly and happily, you can’t help but smile. When you have the flu and your chihuahua cuddles up beside you, you suddenly feel a lot better. And when you are sad because your grandma died, your pet is by your side to help ease the pain.

New Market Animal Hospital offers superb veterinarian care in the New Market area. We specialize in cats and dogs, which we feel helps us to better diagnose and treat your cat or dog. We offer 24-hour emergency vet services, so when your dog cuts their paw on Sunday afternoon, you can get it treated right away. From boarding to spay and neutering services, we can help. Below, we’ll examine the many, many benefits of owning a pet. Contact our vet clinic today!\


Pets Are Constant Companions

In today’s world of connectivity, more people are staying at home. And while social media may tell you that you have a lot of friends, the reality is that many people these days do not. In fact, 47% of Americans, across all ages, admit to feeling lonely at times. Recent studies have shown that loneliness can contribute to significant health problems and can even shorten your life.

However, pets can fill the void where you may be lacking in companionships. Dogs and cats spend 95% of their time in your home. This means that when you arrive home from a long day at work, they are there. When you are sick, they are there. When you just got dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend, they are there. You can talk to your pets, go places with your pets, and listen to your pet’s heart beat. When you have a pet, you are, indeed, not alone.

Pets Give You a Reason to Exercise

Dogs need daily exercise in order to stay healthy. When you have a dog, you have an excuse to exercise. And for those who discount the health benefits of walking, walking improves fitness, improves your mood, helps to prevent weight gain, improves your posture, and helps to alleviate depression and stress. Dogs are a great incentive to stick to your walking routine.

Pets Give You True Joy

Most pet owners laugh at their pets every day. From their wild antics, like cats chasing their tails to the insane fun they have repeatedly chasing a ball and bringing it back to you, pets make us laugh. New Market Animal Hospital notes that when you laugh, your blood pressure goes down, stress hormones are reduced, you can forget temporarily about the burdens you are carrying, and it can release endorphins, which are the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. They sit on your lap and purr. They put their big heads on you. They give you a reason to live.




Pets Offer Unconditional Love

At times in your life, you may have felt unlovable. You may be suffering from guilt over something you’ve done, or you may just have low self-esteem and wonder how anyone can love you. Whatever the case may be, pets love you just how you are, no matter what. You can yell at your pets, call them names, and even neglect them for days, and they will still love you. No matter how much you think you don’t deserve love, or how much you fail as a human, your pets would take a bullet for you if it came down to it. And that’s more than 99.9% of the people on the planet would do for you.




Pets Are Stress-Relief

All pet owners have experienced the stress-relief that comes from petting your cat or dog at the end of a long day. This is because being with your pets and interacting with them elevates levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are chemicals that help to calm and relax you. Petting your pets can lower your blood pressure. This also includes helping you to feel less depressed and anxious about what is happening around you. Plus, they take your attention off whatever is bothering you. By playing with your pets or just being with them, you can quickly forget your problems and turn to more pleasant thoughts.



Pets Are Social Butterflies

Dogs usually love attention. They love people, and they love to play with other dogs. Thus, New Market Animal Hospital notes that when you take your dog out and about, people love to stop by and ask to pet your dog, especially if you have a puppy or an extremely rare breed of dog, such an an Irish Wolfhound, an Azawakh, or an Otterhound. You can take your dog into stores now, and people will stop to say hello, and to the park, to the dog park, or on long hikes. Dogs make you more approachable, which can foster friendships as well.




Pets Can Give Your Life Purpose and Meaning

When you have a pet to take care of, it’s a big responsibility. You have to buy them food and feed them everyday. You need to ensure their needs are taken care of, including vet visits and shelter. You need to ensure they are happy, and not too hot or too warm. Just having someone else to get out of bed for in the morning can do wonders for your psyche. Plus, no matter how foul of a mood you are in, odds are, your dog or cat won’t let you wallow in it. They will want you to play with them, and playing with them, as we’ve seen, will improve your mood.




Pets Are Therapeutic

Pets in nursing homes and amongst kids with disabilities have become the norm. This is because, in addition to all of the other aforementioned benefits of pet ownership, pets can help people recover from physical injuries faster and cope with other health problems or mental disorders. Pets can help raise individuals’ self-esteem, improve their verbal communication, and improve motor skills and joint movement. They can relieve boredom in nursing homes and help improve your outlook on life. Pets can also help children with learning disabilities who may be scared to talk to adults, but they have no problem talking to dogs or cats.



Pets Are Great for Kids

In addition to all of the benefits of pet ownership above, pets are also great for kids. They can teach them responsibility and what it takes to care for an animal. Studies have shown they may keep your kids from developing certain allergies. Pets can become best friends for your children, especially if they have had them their whole lives. Pets can hold secrets that adults just can’t.




Pets Can Save Your Life

Dogs can detect cancer, and some pet owners have reported that after their dog repeatedly scratched at a spot on their body, they went to the doctor who discovered cancer. Figuratively, by giving you a reason to live to care for them, they can save your life as well.



With over 68% of all American households owning a pet of some type, it’s clear many of us are experiencing these amazing benefits of pet ownership. From dogs being your personal doorbells (barking anytime someone approaches the house) to cats lulling to sleep at night with their contented purrs, pets add value to our lives in ways humans just can’t.

New Market Animal Hospital specializes in cat and dog care. Our veterinarians and vet staff care deeply about animals and about your pet. We offer a wide array of pet services, including surgeries, diagnostic services, emergency and urgent care, X-rays, ultrasound, and general wellness exams. We also offer pet boarding and grooming services. We understand that veterinary care can be expensive. Thus, we offer monthly payment plans to help pay for your pet’s wellness visits. We also regularly offer promotions and vet coupons as well. We are accepting new clients. We invite you to visit our website and download our new patient forms. Then call us for an appointment. We’d love to meet your pet!

When your dog or cat is not feeling well, or they just need to come in for their vaccinations, give New Market Animal Hospital a call. Our caring and compassionate staff will have your pet feeling better soon and ready to continue to give you the amazing benefits listed above. Call us today!