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Low Cost Feline Spay/Neuter

NMAH Website Special

Please mention our low cost feline spay/neuter “website special” when scheduling your pet’s surgical procedure in order for this discount to be applied. This includes exam, sedation, anesthesia, and recovery monitoring, injection of medications, spay or neuter in our vet clinic. This discount does not include take home medications, Leukemia test, preoperative blood work or vaccinations. Rabies vaccine is required by law/mandatory and feline leukemia/AIDS test is required by us prior to sedation. Please read all below before scheduling surgical procedure.

FCHS Quick Fix Program

There are limited spots available. Please call for details and pricing.

Humane Society Quick Fix Post Op Guidelines


Rabies – Please bring proof of vaccination if your pet had the rabies vaccination at a different veterinary clinic.  This vaccine is required for any surgical procedure.

FVRCP – FVRCP is considered a core vaccine for cats and is highly recommended. This is known as the Feline Distemper vaccine but in actuality protects against 3 highly contagious viral diseases. All cats should get this vaccine whether they are indoor or outdoor.

We can administer any vaccines while your pet is with us at our pet clinic for an additional charge.

Flea Prevention

For the safety of our patients, we recommend the use of a monthly flea preventative. All pets checking into our facility will be checked for fleas. If fleas are present we will treat your pet and you will be responsible for charges.

Optional Services We Recommend

Preoperative blood work, post-operative pain medication, and microchip.

Please note: If your pet exhibits any illness, including and not limited to: fleas, worms, ear mites, vomiting, diarrhea, bloody urine, respiratory problems, or severe skin problems, appropriate therapy and medication will be initiated. In addition, if your cat is in heat, pregnant, or has retained testicle(s), additional charges will apply.