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Jan 02 2018


“Chloe Bullock” is an 8 year old Golden Retriever, who came in to us limping. Dr. Chand took a set of x-rays and quickly identified that she had torn her cruciate ligament. She underwent an ACL repair and stayed with us for a few days. Following the surgery she returned to us for a course of cold laser therapy. Following orthopedic surgery, we find that laser therapy accelerates the healing process while decreasing the patient’s pain and inflammation. Together with regular follow up visits with Dr. Chand “Chloe” made a full recovery.  
Our mischievous little lady must have missed us because six months later she returned because she was not eating or drinking with pain to the abdomen. Dr. Chand took x-rays and found enough evidence to perform exploratory surgery. What did we find you ask well “Chloe” had eaten a sock! Dr. Chand removed the sock and she made a full recovery.  
We see Ms. “Chloe” on a regular basis but these days it’s for regular spa days with our groomer.  We are all glad she made not one but two full recoveries and is a HAPPY HEALTHY DOG.   

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